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CMPSE is a global full-service software development company, specializing in API, web and mobile app development.

Who we are

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Vladimir Ljesevic

Co-Founder & Principal

Vlad's passion for product development is deeply rooted in his diverse business background in law, real estate, and health & wellness tech.

Vlad was raised in Austria and also played professional sports. In his free time you will find Vlad at a local coffee shop with his wife Ashley, playing tennis, or spending time with family and friends.

Dan Forno

Co-Founder & Principal

Dan has been involved in the ecommerce and web development space for nearly 20 years. He has helped brands such as Coca-Cola, YETI, Pepsi Co., SIMMS, Le Creuset and dozens more deliver top-tier online experiences and get their products into the hands of their best customers.

Dan has co-founded multiple digital companies and Co-Founded Analog Commerce, a DTC ecommerce provider focused on large scale CPG brands. Dan currently resides in Sarasota Florida and spends most of his free time on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.


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